Lactosolution intolleranza lattosio
Lactosolution intolleranza lattosio
Lactosolution intolleranza lattosio




Try the innovative supplement of lactase enzyme

LACTOSOLUTION enzima lattasi prodotto italiano italian

Words of clients

Raffaella Rodino

“I am very satisfied, with a single pill I covered a wedding dinner, without problems, I would say that they are better than those on the market.

The pillbox is beautiful, I love both the color and the key ring, very comfortable and takes up little space.” 

Our effective solution to lactose intolerance

Perché è il migliore

Creato grazie a te, in logica lean startup

Alta efficacia, copre un pasto completo!

15'000 FCC di Enzima Lattasi da Aspergillus Oryzae + Calcio, utile alla funzionalità dell'enzima.

Non lo dimenticherai mai a casa!

Grazie all'astuccio portapillole con anello portachiavi, resistente a URTI, ACQUA, RAGGI UV.

Effetto rapido!

1 sola minuscola compressa presa subito prima del pasto assicura una corretta digestione del lattosio di 3 portate.

Tiny tablets of high concentration lactase enzyme, to be taken together with the meal containing lactose.

1 tablet is enough for a whole meal!


The only product with 150 mg of lactase enzyme per dose, with an enzymatic efficacy of 15'000 FCC ALU!


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Have you seen what a revolution?

Our product has the very practical aluminum pillbox, that is waterproof, anti UV rays, anti dust and can be attached to your favoire object.


You no longer have to remember to take and take the supplement with you before leaving home.
Goodbye bulky blisters in your pocket.

Try our food supplement, forget to be intolerant!


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Scopri le nuove confezioni RICARICA da 75 Compresse!

Con l'offerta 2 x 75 cpr spenderai solo 37 centesimi di Euro a pasto, non esiste di meglio nel mercato!

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