Breath Test C13 for lactose intolerance

Breath Test C13 for lactose intolerance

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The revolutionary C13 Breath Test for lactose intolerance!


Why revolutionary?

The Breath Test session that can normally be found in hospitals and clinics goes to investigate the presence of Hydrogen in the breath, takes 4 hours and you must ingest a quantity of lactose of 25 grams. This new method of analysis does not use Hydrogen but Carbon 13, it is more precise and allows you to carry out the whole examination in 2 hours and with only 15 grams of lactose ! This results in fewer troubles, cramps or diarrhea.


Furthermore, with this solution proposed by us exclusively, you can carry out the test safely at home, without worrying about having to go to a public bathroom, if necessary, during the test.


How does the exam work?

Once you open the package you will discover a jar with lactose powder, some test tubes and instructions. The proof is simple. You must first exhale (blow) into 2 of the 6 tubes provided. Then prepare the drink with the lactose powder and 200 ml of water and drink it. Finally exhale every 30 minutes into one of the remaining tubes.

When the material is ready, just send a message to the number shown in the instructions and a courier will pick it up directly at home. The result will be sent to you by email within 7 days.


The features of the Lactosolution C13 Breath Test:

- Ability to do it at home, when you are more comfortable and at the time you want

- High sensitivity (> 98%) or very low probability of false negatives

- High specificity (> 98%) or very low probability of false positives

- Executable in pregnancy

- Faster than the common H2 Hydrogen Breath Test

- Less annoying

- Suitable for children

- Cheap

- Sure


The C13 Breath Test, compared with the H2 Breath Test, has peculiar characteristics:

- It is less subject to interference from other pathologies. It is not influenced by H2 production or by any bacterial overgrowth (which is a problem for the H2 Breath Test, in which many positives turn out to have a SIBO, that is, they are false positives to lactose intolerance).

- The 13C test lasts only two hours because the enzyme lactase is located right in the membrane of the brush border in the duodenum and the appearance of 13CO2 already occurs at 60 minutes. The H2 Breath Test must last 4 hours as per the Italian guideline (in many centers the H2 Breath Test is done in 3 hours and therefore causes false negatives).

- 13C-BT is a direct and semi-quantitative method whose result is directly related to the quantity of metabolised lactose, or to the activity of the lactase enzyme. The H2 Breath Test is an indirect method which investigates the formation of secondary gases. A low intestinal bacterial load in the colon, in case of diarrhea and frequent discharges, can give a low H2 peak, even less than 20 ppm and therefore cause false negatives with the Breath Test H2 method.



Symptoms can arise from one to a few hours after lactose ingestion, and are the ones that most characterize lactose intolerance:

- Abdominal pain

- Nausea

- Headache

- Abdominal bloating

- Diarrhea or constipation

- Tiredness

- Rashes

- Meteorism

- Flatulence


- Fasting for a minimum of 8 hours. You can only drink non-carbonated water.

- You must not smoke, sleep, or exercise intensely at least half an hour before the test and during the test.

- You must not have recently had diarrhea.

- Your doctor should be consulted if you are taking any medications.

- The test should be performed at least one week after stopping the use of laxatives and / or lactic ferments.